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Hey what if
Coraline doesn’t defeat the other mother and Dipper, Mabel and Norman find the other place. Mabel is targeted by the other mother and she and Norman can see her but Dipper can’t (he is so annoyed) and Mabel has to work with Coraline because towards the climax Norman and Dipper get trapped. Then Mabel is like ‘hey Coraline when I bust you outta here, I have something important to tell you’ and Coraline just nods all sad because she is dead, she can’t get out, but anyways Mabel beats the other mother and. Coraline’s buttons come off and she has real eyes again and Mabel is like hey you I like you a lot, and Coraline kisses her, and then she moves on.

Mabel doesn’t talk about her for a very long time afterwards